ANAS APAM Kinoko (Special Edition)

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Introducing ANAS new addiction, Blending sponge - APAM Kinoko, inspired by the softness and fluffiness of our local kuih. APAM Kinoko is specially designed for our fans that loved using our blending sponge, but hate when the make-up such as concealers and foundation are smeared on their hands, cloths or scarves. Hearing all the requests, we decided to upgrade the design, and there goes the handle to easily hold the blending sponge! (Yeayyy!!)

Our blending sponge is undoubtedly the softest and the fluffiest in market. Use it dry or damp, if will leave your face gorgeously flawless. This Latex free blending sponge is definitely a must have in your makeup collection. It's latex-free, non-irritating, non-allergenic and odorless. It's both long-lasting and easily washable.

Easy. Wet ANAS APAM with water then squeeze out the excess liquid or you can use towel of course and its ready to effortlessly flawless makeup



Clean ANAS APAM using a soap or any suitable cleanser and It's recommended that you replace your ANAS Blending Sponge every 3 months