About Us


ANAS Cosmetics was established in August of 2017 when we discovered a problem among Asian women in finding the right shade that matches their skin tone & we use that as a fuel of inspiration for our brand. All of our products are made to match the Asian women for the sole purpose to lift out the major issue that they encounter on a daily basis which is matching shade.

We put our focus into being the first local product that goes international with a quality that aligns with the global standard which ANAS Cosmetics also is one of the local makeup brand in SaSa Malaysia (owned by international Hong Kong Company) We put a lot of thoughts, research and hard work into our products with hope to fulfil women’s desire in wearing make up that truly suit their skin flawlessly.

Anas Zahrin, the Creative Director behind the brand has always been the person who seeks solution to ease every women so that they can enhance their beauty by make up. Not only that, our motto Show Your True Colors definitely aligns with the direction of creativity that Anas Zahrin lead.

Our major purpose is to fulfil the demand of the market in producing high quality products with an affordable price while we stand tall amongst the international brands

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