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Introducing the first collection of ANAS Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, a soft & light lip cream with a seamless matte finish. ANAS Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick gives a full coverage when applied onto your moisturized lips. Our lip cream are easy to apply as it glides on your lips smoothly & the pigmentation is unimaginable.

The first collection introduces you to 14 beautiful and flawless nude and bold shades Warda, Aisya, Amina, Safia, Sofea, Latifa, Hamida, Fatema, Jamela, Amara, Elena, Chanela, Vivi and Iris.

All of the shades mentioned are suitable for any skin tone, from the darkest to the lightest of all.

The inspiration for the first collection derived from the beautiful Asian skin tone. ANAS Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick are infused with Vegetable Oil & Vitamin E to act as an antioxidant that fights the damaged skin cells which aids in rejuvenating & repairing your lips while reducing the fine lines. Apart from being Paraben-free, ANAS Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick are also free from animal cruelty which is a vital part of producing our holy grail liquid lipstick